Raymond LembkeNot everyone who shares our democratic values feel comfortable under the formal structure of the Democratic Party.  As a major party under Ohio law, we have certain powers and it is easier for us to get candidates on the ballot and support them than it is for minor parties and independents that lack the network of a major organization.

The Clermont County Democratic Party (CCDP) is governed by committees comprised of the Executive and Central Committees.  The Central Committee is comprised of elected or appointed precinct captains. Much of how the Party operates is dictated by law or by the National or State Democratic Parties.  As members of CCDP’s governing committees, we all take an oath to support, among other things, “the Constitutions, By-Laws and principles of the Democratic National Committee, the Ohio Democratic Party, and the Clermont County Democratic Party.”

CCDP is in critical need of precinct captains to fill the central committee.  These are the people who represent the Democratic Party in their communities and keep the Party informed about what issues the people in their communities feel are most important.  Clermont County has 167 precincts.  The Republicans have a central committee person in every one of them.  We have central committee people in less than half of the precincts.

The Party understands some people work better without the constraints that necessarily accompany a formal structure.  Some people prefer the perception of independence that comes from not being affiliated with a political party.  Some people prefer to focus on one issue rather than the full range of issues that the Party focuses on.  However, we all need to maintain mutual respect and dialog and work together as much as we can.

What we all need to realize is that there is far more that unites us than divides us.  We need to remember that progressives inside the Party and those outside are much more likely to achieve our goals when we work together.  The important issue isn’t “who’s in charge.”  The important issue is whether we are using our respective strengths together to our best advantage.  Infighting and power struggles have left the Republicans and others on the right free to implement an agenda which we all find reprehensible.  We need to be united to fight that agenda.  Hillary Clinton was right. We are stronger together.