Manufacturing jobs are flowing into Ohio, and the future of our state looks bright.

In January, I joined Senator Portman and leadership from Intel in Columbus to announce that 10,000 good-paying, advanced manufacturing jobs are coming to Ohio.

Last week, I joined Boeing and GE Aviation at the White House to announce a $6.8 billion deal selling planes made with GE Aviation jet engines, made in America by union Machinists with GE Aviation engines developed in Ohio—a huge win for GE Aviation workers in Greater Cincinnati.

And on top of that, Hyperion announced it will open the largest Columbus factory in a decadecreating 700 new manufacturing jobs for workers developing hydrogen fuel cells.

With these historic jobs and manufacturing announcements, we are finally burying the term “rust belt.”

For too long, we’ve had bad trade and tax policy that shipped manufacturing jobs abroad. And we’ve ended up with supply chains that are too long and too fragile, and too often include China.

So much of my work is about fixing that.

We know how to speed up our supply chains, lower prices, and end our reliance on China – we make more things in America. And there’s no better place to do it than Ohio, with Ohio workers.

That’s what companies like Intel and Hyperion are recognizing.

These investments in Ohio are going to mean better-paying manufacturing jobs. And the Intel facility is going to be built by union workers – that will mean more work for union carpenters, pipefitters, electricians, and other workers in the skilled trades.

To make more semiconductor jobs like Intel’s possible, speed up our supply chains, and lower prices, I’ve been working with Senator Rob Portman and Congressman Tim Ryan and others to pass bipartisan legislation that specifically promotes domestic chip manufacturing and makes our country more competitive with China.

Both the House and Senate have passed their own versions of the bill, and we are closer than ever to getting it to the president’s desk.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that we passed last year will also support stronger domestic supply chains. We included the strongest ever Buy America rules – so American tax dollars will support American jobs. Instead of American bridges made from Chinese steel, we’re going to rebuild our bridges and replace our lead pipes and construct other critical infrastructure, all using American-made steel and iron and other materials.

All of this is about making more things in Ohio – I want to see “Made in Ohio” semiconductors in cars all over the world, and “Made in Ohio” steel used in bridges all over the country. And with these manufacturing investments and the Infrastructure Law, we are going to make this a reality.