Election Day

Today is Election Day 2021. I’m assuming most of you have already voted. If you haven’t, get to your polling place and vote! The right wants to undermine public faith in our electoral system. The best way to defeat that effort is to vote.

All of the races on today’s ballot are “non-partisan,” meaning candidates are not identified on the ballot by party. The Clermont County Democratic Party has not endorsed any candidates in today’s election.  We hope that people will vote for the candidates who will do the best jobs for their communities without regard for the tribal antagonism that has infected our state and national politics. The following is my personal list of people whom I think you should consider voting for. Consistent with the idea of electing the best candidate without regard to partisanship, there is a Republican on my list.

Clerk of Municipal Court

Ralph Vilardo, Jr.  I don’t usually encourage people to vote for a Republican.  However, this is an important job that, up to now, has not been done well. All three candidates on the ballot are Republicans. One of them will be elected. Of those three, I think Ralph is the best choice. Do ask yourself why Clermont County has two elected Clerks of Court when larger counties in the State get along fine with only one.

Milford Board of Education

Emily Mason and Jara Bonner. This is a very strong recommendation. Please do not vote for anyone else for Milford School Board. This is a field race, meaning the top three vote getters are elected. A vote for anyone else helps put that person ahead of Emily and Jara.

Union Township Trustee                                

Chad Quick. This is another very strong recommendation. Again, please do not vote for anyone else for trustee even though the ballot says to vote for two. This is another field race and a vote for any other candidate helps that candidate finish ahead of Chad. The other four candidates are Republicans and bad news for Union Township.

Moscow Village Council

Cheryl Richards.  This is my third very strong recommendation. I know Cheryl personally.  She will do an outstanding job for Moscow. This is also a field race. Please vote only for Cheryl.

Pierce Township Trustee                                            

This is a weaker recommendation, but I voted for Nick Kelly and Linda Spitzmiler.

New Richmond Board of Education                      

I do not know Amy Story, but several people in New Richmond whom I trust are voting for her. I’ve not heard anything positive about the other candidates.

Stonelick Township Trustee                                      

Again, I do not know this candidate, but people in that part of the county whom I respect recommend Edward Cooper.

CNE Board of Education                                 

This is another candidate whom I do not know, but people in that part of the county whom I respect recommend Danny Ilhardt.

Stay safe.  Vote!