This week we called on the EPA to stop three proposed rules that would hurt Ohio steelworkers and steel manufacturers. For too long, bad policy and unfair foreign competition have hurt steel towns across Ohio and the businesses and workers who built our economy.


With the strong Buy America provisions we won in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we’re bringing steel production back where it belongs — to America and to Ohio. We can’t undermine that progress now.


That’s why I’m leading a bipartisan group of my colleagues to call on the EPA to reject and overhaul their proposed rules limiting steel emissions.


The rules would dramatically undermine the domestic steel industry and national security, driving production overseas. They would force American companies to spend billions to keep up with the new standards that were created without any input from the steel industry or from steelworkers.


Ohio steel is already forced to compete with unfairly-subsidized Chinese steel. These additional costs would only make it harder for American steel to stay competitive.


Plus, we know China will keep polluting no matter what we do. Less domestic production will lead to more pollution coming from China and other foreign competitors.


These rules are bad for Ohio companies, bad for national security, and could even be worse for the environment. The EPA needs to start over, and work with American stakeholders like labor and the steel industry to write new, technically-sound rules that reduce emissions without hurting American competitiveness.

— Sherrod
  1. Amtrak selected Ohio as a top priority for expansion. Sherrod fought for the investments to make this happen in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Reliable train service shouldn’t be just a privilege for people on the coasts.
  2. Sherrod hauled the CEOs of the nation’s eight largest banks before the Senate Banking and Housing Committee to hold them accountable and expose Wall Street lobbying efforts to undermine rules that protect taxpayers from bank bailouts.
  3. The National Taxpayers Union called Sherrod’s proposals to cut IRS red tape for Ohioans who sell things online and ban Congressional stock trading “no brainers. Congress should serve the taxpaying public, not their own bottom line.
This week Sherrod announced major investments to improve Ohio’s airports. A full list can be found here.