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Taylor Swift may go back to December all the time, but at NDTC we’re taking this December to go back to basics.

As a reminder, we have a new look, but we’re the same NDTC! When you log in, you will be greeted by the new and improved dashboard, where you can manage your learning journey. Some other improvements include newly updated course content, so we’re sharing some new, evergreen campaign courses with you to work on ahead of the new year.

Building equitable campaign practices is essential, no matter the size or scale of your campaign or local party. That’s why The Fundamentals of Equity & Inclusion is a great way to dive into this work and the best practices of such efforts.

November 2024 may feel far away, but it will be here before you know it. So laying out a fundraising plan sooner than later is keen! 5 Ways to Raise Money for Your Campaign gives you five tangible tactics for fundraising, ready to use on the trail as soon as you’re ready.

Your course dashboard is the best place to kick off your learning journey. (And don’t let us get in the way of your holiday spirit; all of our resources are available free of cost, 24/7, and on-demand!)

So You Want to Run for Office
Monday, December 4 at 1pm ET

This is our last So You Want to Run for Office in 2023! Even if was just a fleeting thought, if you’ve ever considered the possibility of running for office, join us for an insightful, actionable discussion and training.

Our trainer will walk you through key factors that go into making this big decision, from the types of offices you can run for to strategies for reaching out to your personal network for support.


Maximize Your Field Strategy Through Precinct Prioritization
Tuesday, December 5 at 1pm ET

Voter outreach is essential, even this early on. But campaigns, from the most local ones to Presidential bids, don’t necessarily target every single voter in every single district. That’s where prioritization comes in!

Precinct prioritization is the means through which your campaign maximizes its resources by focusing efforts to certain districts or neighborhoods. Plus, prioritization involves using various tactics depending on the specific precinct. Learn more and get a head start on field best practices.