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Thank you again to everyone who joined us for Build Blue Week 2023!

NDTC’s 2023 Build Blue Week is officially in the books! Experts from all over the country joined us to discuss all things 2024, from cultivating donor relationships to coalition-building. Keynote speakers included Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Former Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, Former Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, and more!

Whether you joined us or couldn’t make it this time around, our highlight video takes you through the big takeaways and most memorable moments:


Keep reading to see the rest of our October live training lineup!

Running an Effective Campaign Debrief for Your Democratic Party
Monday, October 23 at 1pm ET

Election Day is quickly approaching! As a volunteer or leader within your local party infrastructure, you’re probably focused on getting across that finish line.

But it’s equally important to start thinking about what comes next.

Monday’s training is intended to introduce you to the core tenets of an effective, comprehensive debrief. Learn the best strategies for discussing what went well, what didn’t, and setting up an action plan for future campaigns.


How to Run a Political Campaign Debrief
Thursday, November 9 at 1pm ET

Campaigning doesn’t stop on Election Day. By debriefing, you can give your staff and volunteers a space to express what they learned on the trail: both the triumphs and challenges.

The goal is to learn the best practices of debriefs. By the end of this training, you’ll be ready to host an amazing debrief session of your own!


So You Want to Run for Office: Indigenous American Heritage Month
Tuesday, November 14 at 1pm ET

Congress has six Native and Indigenous Congresspeople currently serving. While this is historic – this is only the beginning. And Congress is certainly not the only place where Indigenous voices are making a difference.

We’re hosting a special edition of our So You Want to Run for Office training for Indigenous American Heritage Month. Our trainer will discuss the many unique needs and challenges Indigenous candidates may face on the campaign trail.