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NDTC Video Spotlight: Campaign Messaging that Wins

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Even the most high-profile campaigns can’t win without a stellar messaging plan.

As we dive further into May’s fundraising-focused trainings, revisit last month’s NDTC Expert Q&A that covers the ins and outs of successful communications strategies. You’ll certainly need it to make compelling asks and gain essential financial support!



How to Build Your Political Campaign Fundraising Plan
Monday, May 8 at 1pm ET

Making hard asks, call time, and hosting fundraising events… these are all fundraising tactics.

A fundraising plan brings these components and more together to optimize your ability to bring money into your campaign. Learn the ins and outs of planning your fundraising strategy in Monday’s training.



Fundraising in Action: How to Ask for Money
Tuesday, May 9 at 1pm ET

Once you make a fundraising plan (after Monday’s training), you need the skills to turn those ideas into action.

This training will lay out the essential practices you can use on the trail, from making the hard ask to identifying and organizing the various types of donors. You’ll even learn from examples from the field.



Later in the month  NDTC Expert Q&A: The AAPI Experience in Politics
Thursday, May 18 at 1pm ET

AAPI communities across the country shape our shared culture. However, the racism continues to fuel bigotry towards these communities.

May’s NDTC Expert Q&A, in partnership with organizations who work to elevate AAPI candidates and communities, will be a candid panel of AAPI Democratic strategists. They’ll discuss their experiences on the trail and within campaigns, providing you with a chance to learn how to be a better ally for these folks and navigate these issues.



2023 Train-the-Trainer Summit
Saturday, May 13 from 12 to 5pm ET

This once annual half-day training includes multiple workshops that will level up your training and event facilitation skills!

Taught by the experts themselves (our amazing trainers!) you’ll walk away with tangible plans for making your next event or training a special one. Space is limited in order to maximize the experience, don’t miss the chance to sign up!