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How to Maximize Call Time and Raise More Money
Tuesday, May 16 at 1pm ET

Did you know in most campaigns, call time accounts for over 60% of your revenue stream?

So mastering the skill of phone-banking is essential to your campaign’s success. Tuesday’s training will review call time best practices, giving you a chance to sharpen how you make hard asks.



How to Maximize Your Personal Network to Raise Money
Wednesday, May 17 at 1pm ET

A lot of people might assume that financial support comes from strangers, when in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Your personal network is your biggest fundraising asset. Leverage how to utilize personal connections in a way that brings support directly into your campaign or local party.



NDTC Expert Q&A: The AAPI Experience in Politics
Thursday, May 18 at 1pm ET

AAPI communities across the country shape our shared culture. However, racism continues to fuel bigotry towards these communities.

May’s NDTC Expert Q&A, in partnership with organizations who work to elevate AAPI candidates and communities, will be a candid panel of AAPI Democratic strategists. They’ll discuss their experiences on the trail and within campaigns, providing you with a chance to learn how to be a better ally for these folks and navigate these issues.



Raising Money Online
Friday, May 19 at 1pm ET

It literally pays to be online. Digital tools are the most innovative way to garner financial support for your campaign.

Learn the ins and outs of the two key ways people can support you digitally: email or advertising. While these tools may be unfamiliar, they can be the key to reaching and exceeding your financial goals!