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Wishing a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the hundreds of NDTC-trained winners from the November elections!


We’re firm believers that there are no “off years,” and our winners are shining examples of that! From the first LGBTQIA+ member of the Mississippi state legislature to unseating long-time Republican incumbents for city supervisor in New York, we’re still gathering stories from all the amazing victories.

All this work means we’re also taking a well-deserved rest this Thanksgiving. And you should too! We have a few more upcoming training events in 2023 (which we’ll preview below), but we’re taking a week off from this newsletter in the meantime. Enjoy your turkey trots, some delicious food, and quality time with loved ones!

So You Want to Run for Office
Monday, December 4 at 1pm ET

In this training, you’ll learn the steps necessary to run for office, how to choose which office to run for, and how to share this important decision with friends and family. Plus our trainer will be able to ask any and all questions you may have about your future run for office!

No better way to get prepared for 2024 than considering how you might go about your own run for office!


Maximize Your Field Strategy Through Precinct Prioritization
Tuesday, December 5 at 1pm ET

The best Thanksgiving meal involves plenty of planning – so does your field strategy!

Precinct prioritization ensures that your campaign’s resources are used effectively to reach the most important voters. It’s never too early to get started on collecting and analyzing the data you need to use these strategies.