LEAD Ohio May 2023 Newsletter


Wednesday in the Ohio Statehouse we saw the passage of SJR2 which increases the threshold for Constitutional amendments from a simple majority to 60%, raises the signature requirement to 5% in all 88 counties, and removes the signature curing period. This also includes the amendment for an August special election.

This amendment shreds our Constitution, ending majority rule in Ohio and taking away our right to decide what happens here. By ending the principle of “one person, one vote,” this amendment makes it that much more difficult for folks to participate in democracy. We need to protect our freedom to determine our future in Ohio.

Many organizations across the state are leading the charge against this dangerous and power-grabbing policy coming from the Statehouse. At LEAD, we are supporting those efforts in the best way we can: preparing the next wave of progressive leaders in Ohio.


2023 Candidate Academy Wrap Up

Last month, we graduated 52 progressive leaders ready to run for office or support local candidates in 2023 and 2024. This year’s cohort included over 60% women, significant representation of BIPOC candidates and current or former union members, members ranging from 20-74 years old, and more members of the LGBTQIA+ community than ever before.

These LEADers will use their voices and perspectives to represent progressive values from township trustee, to school board, all the way to the Statehouse.

LEADers on the Ballot

Congratulations to our LEADers who were on the May 2 primary ballot. Running for office takes courage, dedication, and a huge investment of time and energy! Shout out to Tiffany Stanford (Warren City Council) and Shammas Malik (Akron Mayor) for their successful primary races! Currently, our third LEADer on the ballot, Christopher Brown (Mansfield Law Director), is awaiting total vote counts as his race is too close to call.


2023 Staff Academy

Our Staff Academy kicked off last weekend, where we are training 37 campaign staff and a handful of candidates for the 2023 cycle. These attendees are learning best practices on campaign management, planning, and coordinating to support our candidates in 2023 and beyond.

Women’s Progressive Leadership Circles


For women candidates on the ballot this November, we are hosting our Women’s Progressive Leadership Circles, beginning in June, to support and provide mentorship as they run their campaigns. Women face additional challenges and scrutiny as candidates in a male-dominated sphere, and WPLC’s facilitators and resources help women to overcome them.

If you’re a woman running for office, or know someone who is, we are accepting applications for our next Circle now. Click here for the application.

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At LEAD, we encourage progressives to run for office at all levels and support candidates and staff with training, resources, and a strong progressive network.

We are actively looking for candidates who are interested in running for local or judicial offices that will be on the 2023 ballot, as well as progressives who are interested in managing or working on campaigns. If you know someone who may be interested, have them reach out to us at info@leadohio.org.

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