January 2022 US Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report Reveals Serious Academic Problems, Student Attendance Monitoring Issues And Financial Risks In Virtual Schools, Particularly Charter Virtual Schools.
Some of what the GAO study revealed in the January 2022 Report:
  • Virtual charter schools had lower proficiency rates on state tests than traditional schools and brick and mortar charter schools.
  • Virtual schools may pose increased financial risks due to challenges measuring attendance and contracts with management organizations.
The report is not new information to Ohioans who are informed about the online charter scheme. ECOT is not the only online charter that has collected tax money for phantom students. Various studies have shown that Ohio online charters demonstrate dismal academic performance.
Ohio politicians are guilty of misuse of tax funds. State policy provides that online charters receive the same amount of per-pupil funding as brick and mortar schools; and that the performance of online charters is substantially inferior.
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