Fordham Has It Wrong On The Effect Of Vouchers On Segregation
EdChoice vouchers segregate students. Fordham disputes that claim in a January 28 article in Ohio Gadfly—The Anti-Voucher Lawsuit Misleads When It Comes to Segregation. In a 10thPeriod post Steve Dyer debunks the kind of argument Fordham spews out.
The gist of the Fordham argument is that over 80% of Ohioans are white, but only 50% of the EdChoice voucher students are white. Last school year, only 164 of Ohio’s 613 districts lost students and funding to EdChoice voucher transfers. Of those districts, 95% of the funding transfer came from 38 districts, which are overwhelmingly non-white.
Lima City School District is an example. 35% of Lima public school students are white. Five private schools take vouchers from Lima. The percentage of white students in these private schools is: Temple Christian, 100%; Lima Central Catholic, 71%; St. Charles, 82%; St. Gerard, 80%; and St. Rose, 34%.
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