School Voucher Advocates and Recipients are Being Duped by Some Wealthy Libertarians Whose Ultimate Agenda is to Require Parents to Pay for the Education of Their Children.
The ultimate goal of voucher puppeteers is to require parents to pay for the education of their children. Their plan: first, establish a universal voucher program, then starve the public school system, and finally, to eliminate tax funding for education.  School voucher users and advocates are mere pawns of the plutocrats orchestrating this narrative.
Economist Milton Friedman, beginning in 1955, started to beat the drum for school vouchers. The ultimate goal of the voucher movement was then and is now to get the government completely out of education. At the beginning, Friedman advocated government funding for vouchers. But later in life, he declared that the establishment of traditional public education in America had been a mistake. In 2006, at a meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Friedman said, “The ideal way would be to abolish the public school system and eliminate all the taxes that pay for it.”
Voucher advocates and recipients, hear this: you are being used.
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