Ohio Becoming More Charter-School-Friendly According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS)
Note: NAPCS should remove PUBLIC from its label. The only thing public about charters in Ohio is public money.
NAPCS issues an annual report which rates states on how they measure-up to a model they developed. Ohio jumped from 24thto 12thplace in the state ratings.
Of course, NAPCS is excited about Ohio’s new rating. NAPCS’s charter-loving ally, Fordham Institute, is, according to a recent Gongwer News Service article, jubilant about Ohio leap-frogging from 24thplace among the states to 12thplace. A Fordham person was quoted: “The jump in the national rankings reflects these recent policy gains, which include the removal of geographic restrictions and more supportive funding…”
NAPCS and its allies should spend their time and resources on fighting the fraud and corruption, and the greedy profiteers in the charter industry. Ohio is the poster child for such. NAPCS should call for a moratorium on expansion in the charter industry until these monumental problems are cleaned-up.
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