The Print-Version of Maureen Reedy’s Columbus Dispatch LTE—Anti-Voucher Lawsuit a “Courageous” Supported Act
Reedy praises the school districts that have joined the Coalition’s challenge to the constitutionality of the EdChoice voucher scheme.
Anti-Voucher Lawsuit a “Courageous” Supported Act
Finally, the gloves have come off with the “Vouchers Hurt Ohio” lawsuit by 100 public school districts in Ohio challenging the constitutionality of the state’s voucher system.
The Ohio Constitution states that “no religious sect, or other sects, shall ever have any exclusive right to, or control of, any part of the school funds of this state.”
Ohio’s public schools have lost $2 billion of funding over the past decade because the state legislature has passed laws shifting state funding for public schools to pay for vouchers for private and religious school tuition.
The loss of billions statewide to vouchers continues to be a direct hit on property taxpayers and students as more school levies have had to be put on the ballot and vital school programs and resources have suffered huge cuts.
The vast majority, 95% (1.7 million) of Ohio’s children attend our public school system designated by the adoption of the Ohio Constitution in 1851. The original constitutional commitment to “thoroughly and efficiently” fund one common public school system for the children of Ohio is crystal clear.
It’s time to get real. Ohio’s constitutional promise of “thoroughly” funding “one common public school system” cannot be sustained if billions of dollars continue to be taken from public schools to pay for vouchers for multiple private school systems.
Cheers to all of these courageous public school community members from over 100 Ohio public school districts. There are thousands of Ohioans who support their lawsuit seeking constitutional integrity for Ohio’s one common public school system.
We stand ready and inspired to join Ohio’s public school communities in their urgent legal challenge to prove that vouchers violate Ohio’s Constitution.
Maureen Reedy, Columbus
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