Ohio Taxpayer Generosity Toward Private Schooling
Ohio Department of Education is fining some school districts for not transporting private school kids. Not enough bus drivers, but districts are expected to transport private schoolers, even if it means leaving district students left in the cold.
Ohio doesn’t keep track of the tens of millions school districts must spend to transport private schoolers.
But wait, this biennium (FY2022 and FY2023), Ohio taxpayers will pay $315,335,449 for private school auxiliary services and $142,461,418 for non-public administrative cost reimbursement for a total of $457,796,867.
Wait again, there is more. This school year alone, Ohio taxpayers will be required by law to fork over $357,508,804 for vouchers; hence, over one-half billion dollars this year alone is going to private schools. That’s pretty generous for funds not accountable to the public.
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