Arguments EdChoice Voucher Advocates Make are Short on Logic and Long on Personal Attacks
Voucher advocates puppet emotional clichés that are unrelated to the issues that are relevant to the voucher debate. Their appeal is to the yearnings and desires of individuals with personal agendas seeking private benefits from public money slated for the common good. Their style is typically to attack opponents in hurtful, personal ways. They often assign impure motives to opponents of vouchers. They make assertions that lack veracity and proof. They have a tendency toward malevolence toward fellow citizens.
A sample of their rhetoric will demonstrate:
  • “The bottom line is, after maybe the most difficult educational circumstances in our lifetime, for the public schools to try and kick kids out of their schools right now is absolutely disgusting. These heartless school leaders are trying to make kids’ lives more miserable. It’s unbelievable.”
  • “This [lawsuit] shows the deep disdain these greedy big government elitists have for parents to make decisions that are best for the education of their children. It is shameful and a direct attack on Ohio families.”
  • One voucher zealot accuses public common school folks of stealing tax funds for the public system.
Voucher advocates style the common school system, which has been in place in Ohio for two centuries, as a socialist system. Their primary recruiting scheme is to blast the common system as a God-less, failed system. They insist that parents have every right to have their tax money allocated to the education of their children, wherever they attend. So I should get my gasoline tax money back to build my own road?
The folly of their rhetoric is self-evident; they present no legal rationale—just disingenuous, emotional tripe. They seem to loathe that which is common to communities, the state, and the nation. They appear to lack any form of concern for the general population. They display the essence of covetousness.
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