Nationwide Pro-Voucher Advocate Organization, Institute of Justice, Has Already Filed to Intervene in EdChoice Voucher Case
The voucher supporters will line-up in attempt to intervene in the Coalition’s/VHO’s challenge to the constitutionality of the EdChoice voucher scheme. We will, of course, oppose those efforts.
There are scores of organizations that will spend millions to oppose the EdChoice voucher litigation. This case is a full-scale attack on the constitutionality of the EdChoice program; hence, it has implications nationally. Notwithstanding the opposition, our case is strong and we will prevail.
It is unfortunate and unnerving that so many powerful forces are staging an all-out assault on traditional public education. Their goal is to eliminate the common school system. Will Ohio public common schools’ community and advocates spend as much time, energy and resources to preserve traditional public education as the opponents will to destroy it?
The Universal Voucher Bill (HB290) is looming over the common school system. The goal of the sponsors is to enact it in 2022.
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