Jan Resseger provides a must-read history lesson on how the extremely flawed 1983 Nation At Risk report has eroded public confidence in the public common schools of America.


Jan Resseger, in a February 13 blog traces the nefarious actions of some few individuals that erroneously manipulated the content of the 1983 Nation at Risk report with the intention of disparaging public schools. Politicians, first at the national level, followed by state level politicians adopted education policies that have heaped harm on several generations of school children. The fallout from the political blasting of the public common school system includes public policies that provide for charter schools and vouchers. In fact, when President Ronald Reagan received the Nation at Risk report, he stated that he was pleased that it recommended vouchers (which it didn’t). It seems that Reagan was a fan of Libertarian Economist Milton Friedman, who had recommended school vouchers as early as the mid 1950’s. Following Reagan, President Bush 41 was a relentless promoter of vouchers. Every president since Bush 41 has promoted vouchers and/or charter schools. It all started with the flawed Nation at Risk report

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