Public funding of private school facilities could be tucked in HB2 (One Time Strategic Community Investment Fund Spending Bill), the Capital Improvement Bill, or in some other legislation.

HB2, passed the House on February 7, is a mix of capital improvement funding and cash spending (the State’s Capital Improvements Bill will be considered later in the Spring). HB2, according to the Senate President, will not be rushed through the Senate legislative process.

HB2 provides $600 million for the school building program assistance program. This program has been restricted to public schools. Public school advocates should be alert to the way this $600 million pool is divvied-up in the Senate.

A January 16, 2024 Buckeye Institute Policy memo suggests facilities funding be available to charter and private schools.

In response to the passage of HB2 by the House, the Buckeye Institute in a February 7 policy statement stated:

“The Buckeye Institute looks forward to working with the Senate to help all education providers, not just school districts, to expand facilities and increase school capacity. “The Senate President stated months ago that he would work to provide public funds to private school facilities projects.

These signals from the Senate President and the Buckeye Institute guarantee that capital funding for private schools will be on the table in Senate deliberations regarding HB2 and the State Capital Improvement Bill.

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