Ohio Supreme Court rules that the state can freeze the assets of former PUCO regulator accused of accepting a bribe–Why has the court not yet ruled on freezing the assets of the ECOT Man, Bill Lager?

Former Public Utilities Chair Sam Randazzo accepted a bribe of $4.3 million before he was appointed as Public Utilities of Ohio Chair by the Governor. A couple years ago, the state sued Randazzo to freeze his assets.

The state has been in a legal battle with the ECOT Man Bill Lager since 2018 to recover over $100,000,000. As of yet Lager’s assets have not been frozen. Why hasn’t the state been aggressive in holding Lager accountable? Randazzo is being held accountable regarding a bribe of $4.9 million. What is the difference? Possibly it is because Lager bribed state officials to cause them to turn a blind eye to his corruption.

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