Miami University doctoral students along with Professor Thomas Poetter, as a class project, wrote the book–Vouch For This! Defunding Private Interests, Defending Public Schools.

In the summer of 2023, 15 doctoral students in the educational leadership program at Miami University along with their professor Thomas S. Poetter, studied the issues surrounding the voucher and charter movements. The result of their study and work was a new volume of scholarship about the problems being created in these two areas, along with the larger issues in society as privatization takes hold in the public sphere. Their new book, Vouch for This! Defunding Private Interests, Defending Public Schools interrogates the issues with scholarship and personal insight. They look forward to working with study groups emerging in school districts and other public organizations interested in reading and discussing their work and ways to move forward, especially as support for the Vouchers Hurt Ohio lawsuit gains traction.

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