Ohio Senate cut State Board of Education budget in HB33, and the Governor’s administration is proposing to move the State Board operation to the Ohio Department of Agriculture facility in Reynoldsburg. This adds insult to injury.

State officials via HB33, contrary to the 1953 constitutional amendment, transferred most of the State Board of Education’s powers and duties to the Governor’s office. Now they are in the process of defunding it and moving the Board office out of Columbus.

According to the State Board’s Superintendent Paul Craft, the budget shortfall will be $2,000,000 or 20% of the total budget. Craft has indicated that the Board will not be able to make payroll by the June time frame. The Senate removed some of the State Board of Education funds from the House version of HB33.

Another attack on the State Board of Education is a proposal to distance its operation from the Department of Education and Workforce Development in downtown Columbus to the Department of Agriculture facility in Reynoldsburg, 16 miles away.

In latest blow, state school board may lose downtown Columbus digs, be sent to suburbs (msn.com)


Ohio superintendent says state board of education may not make payroll by summer | The Highland County Press

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