Thomas Ultican rebukes the Hoover Institution’s glorification of the 40th year of the Nation at Risk report.

The deeply, deeply flawed Nation at Risk report released by the Reagan administration four decades ago set in motion an erroneous, unfounded, unwarranted, and misguided school reform effort that continues to plague K-12 education in America. Reagan and his successor, Bush 41, in the spirit of Libertarian Economist Milton Friedman, were consummate advocates of school vouchers and everything private in education.

The committee that wrote the Nation at Risk report had predetermined that public education would be savagely hammered; hence the committee manipulated data and information to that end. Four decades after the Reagan rant for vouchers, Ohio politicians enacted the unwarranted and unconstitutional universal voucher scheme.

In his January 1st, 2024 blog, Thomas Ultican sets the record straight on the horrific Nation at Risk report.

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