The private school voucher scheme was initiated under the pretense of rescuing POOR children from high poverty school districts.

Private school vouchers have never been supported by a majority of citizens; therefore, the disingenuous rhetoric–rescue POOR kids from “failing” school districts by providing “scholarships” –was used to set the voucher scheme in motion. This movement was NOT initiated by parents of poor kids. It was started by those who wished to punish public school districts that were struggling to overcome low student performance due to the high incidence of poverty within the district.

Some politicians liked the voucher idea, thinking that it would be cheaper to provide vouchers than improve education opportunities and outcomes by supporting services that compensate for poverty conditions through the public school system.

The idea of rescuing a few kids from a poverty school district as opposed to working toward improved educational opportunities for all children is doltish–just plain dumb and nefarious.

After getting their foot in the door, the voucher campaigners changed their rhetoric to “parents should have a choice” and then to “parents have a right to choice.”

The result of the ever-changing voucher promotion rhetoric—A Universal Voucher Program which gives the edge to affluent families.

With the universal voucher program, private school tuition is on the rise. Very few POOR families will have the capacity to take advantage of the voucher scheme. It’s not about choice. It’s about welfare for the affluent.

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