HB339 as introduced would establish the Non-Chartered Education Savings Account Program to be administered by the State Treasurer’s Office.

A great number of legislators in Ohio have an insatiable appetite for privatization of public education. Universal vouchers at a cost that Ohioans might not be able to fund is not enough for them. Tuition tax credits, public funding to build private schools, and Education Savings Accounts (ESA’s) have been put on the legislative table in recent months.

Now, a House member has introduced a bill to give funds directly to parents who send their students to non-chartered nonpublic schools (currently not eligible for any tax funds) and home schooling parents. So, this legislator wants to appropriate tax money for use by any and all persons that homeschool and/or send their kids to a totally unregulated private school.

hb339_00_IN (state.oh.us)

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