Cincinnati Classical Academy Charter School in the news–Cincinnati Enquirer–due to alleged grossly false and misleading statements on an application that generated a $2 million federal grant.

Cincinnati Classical Academy, a charter school associated with Hillsdale College in Michigan, claims to be serving predominantly economically disadvantaged students. Not true! And then there was the boldfaced lie of inflated test scores.

According to the Washington Post, a recent federal audit by the Office of Inspector General indicated that the US Department of Education’s office may not have had reliable information needed to make informed decisions about continuing funding with program grants for charter schools.

One thread that runs through the charter industry is that federal and state public officials aid and abet corruption in the charter industry by not holding charter school officials accountable for their blatant false claims and second-rate operations. Some state officials, due to campaign contributions from education privatization advocates, turn a blind eye to charter fraud and corruption.

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