Some basic information Ohioans need to consider regarding Ohio’s EdChoice voucher program.

Each Ohio family with school age children is eligible for the EdChoice voucher program regardless of income. Some basic information for Ohioans to consider:

  • The first Ohio voucher venture—Cleveland—was a pilot project rammed through the legislature by a private-school-oriented governor and a few powerful legislators who were bent on expanding public funding of private schools.

At that time (mid 1990’s) Ohio was already first in the nation in financial support of private schools via auxiliary services, nonpublic administrative cost reimbursement, and pupil transportation provided by the public school district.

  • EdChoice vouchers were established and expanded via state budget bills. The current state budget bill (HB33) expanded the eligibility for vouchers to every Ohio family and increased the voucher amount bountifully.
  • More than two-thirds of Ohio voucher recipients never attended public schools.
  • The percentage of low-income voucher recipients is steadily declining. Eventually only a very few low-income students will attend private schools via vouchers.
  • The passage of the universal vouchers scheme will result in higher tuition costs, which will automatically eliminate low-income voucher recipients. The voucher funding will give private schools license to raise tuition and pad the pockets of their sponsoring institutions.
  • Every dollar that is distributed via vouchers is a dollar less for school districts. Additional tax levies on real estate will be required as the universal voucher scheme plays out.

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