The ECOT Man, Bill Lager, owes the state, therefore school districts, $117 million. A court magistrate recommends that the state’s request to freeze Lager’s assets be granted.

The ECOT Man, thanks to his wildly generous campaign contributions, escaped public scrutiny of pupil enrollment audits for almost 2 decades and thus swindled the state in the amount of hundreds of millions. The state has been attempting to recover $117 million via the judiciary.

The latest development is that a court magistrate recommended that Lager’s assets be frozen as a means of potentially recovering the $117 million. However, Lager has filed a formal objection to the magistrate’s ruling.

This case is destined to go on and on. It is doubtful if Lager will ever be brought to justice. Several of the state political leaders that enjoyed Lager’s generous campaign contributions are still in power.

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