The percentage of children living in poverty and those with disabilities and English language learners in school districts is on the upward trend.

Department of Education data indicate that the percentage of children with disabilities, those living in poverty and English language learners have increased substantially since 2011.

Although the percentages of students living in poverty and those with disabilities and those with limited English fluctuate from year to year, all trends are upward.

% Poverty

In fiscal year 2011, 41% of school district enrollment was students living in poverty. In fiscal year 2017, 48.73% fit that category. In fiscal year 2022, about 45% of the enrollment was living in poverty.

% Limited English

In fiscal year 2011, 2.34% of the enrollment had limited English. That percentage steadily increased to 3.78% in fiscal year 2022.

% Disability

The enrollment of students with disabilities increased from 13.27% in fiscal year 2011 to 15.76% in fiscal year 2022.


Voucher schools resist enrolling students that require a higher cost to educate; hence public schools will become more concentrated with higher cost students as the universal voucher scheme is implemented.

Vouchers hurt Ohio—students, school districts, public pensions and communities.

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