What’s with state officials and national organizations endorsing school board candidates?

The first common school legislation in Ohio in the early 1820’s provided for the election of school directors (board members). The concept was that local school communities would, on a nonpartisan basis, elect persons to manage public education affairs. Local school communities have used this plan effectively for 200 years (i.e.) local communities taking care of their own local school business.

Now, some national groups such as the 1776 Project PAC and some state officials such as the Ohio Auditor of State and the Ohio Secretary of State are poking their nose in local school board races by endorsing particular candidates. Local folks need to be leery of outside endorsements. What are the motivations and agendas of those outside endorsers?

Boards of education, and thus school districts as an American institution, are under attack by such individuals as Netflix’s Reed Hastings, who says boards of education are relics of the past. The use of public tax dollars for privately-operated charter schools and private school vouchers is in itself an attack on boards of education.

Again, the question: What is the motivation of groups and individuals not residents of a school district endorsing candidates for school boards? What philosophical or political agenda are they trying to advance?

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