Beware of the 1776 Project PAC

A mailer from the 1776 Project PAC endorsing certain board member candidates hit by home mailbox a few days ago. This group is running hundreds of individuals for school boards across the nation.

This super-funded group suggest that local school boards are controlled by Marxist. They are using more scare tactics such as:

  • “Fight back against leftist billionaires in schools”
  • “All politics is local…this is how you can win back your county”
  • “Now there’s a way for patriots like you and me to fight back”

This 1776 Project Pac has no clue as to the nature of school board operations in Ohio. Their disingenuous talking points are bloated with lies. They are hiring people to go door-to-door to spread a series of big lies.

When they come to your door, ask them to discuss the qualifications of those for which they are canvassing. They will give you a deer-in-the-headlights look.

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