HB33 eliminated regulations for homeschooling, even as scant as they were.

Homeschooling was legislated in Ohio about a quarter century ago with scant regulations. Just as many conscientious homeschool parents have done an admirable job of educating their progeny, many others have merely gotten their children excused from compulsory school attendance.

ORC Section 3321.042 was enacted about a quarter century ago to permit homeschooling. Pursuant to the original statute, parents were required to provide the school superintendent with a curriculum, textbooks, and proof of a diploma. Certain testing was required.

The new law (Section 3321.042) merely requires a letter to the school superintendent naming the children, date of birth, address, and assurance that the child will receive education. It specified that no homeschooling will be subject to any other government adopted rules. No doubt many conscientious parents will have the best interests of their children in mind as they decide on homeschooling; but what about the parents that are abusive, incapable, or deviant? Some may just use the homeschooling strategy as a means of circumventing compulsory attendance.

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