Texas State Legislator debunks the voucher scheme.

The Texas Governor and Texas Senate have been attempting to pass a voucher scheme for several years. The Texas House of Representatives, particularly the rural legislators, have been pushing back. Representative James Talarico (District 50) provides a short, concise discourse that debunks the voucher scheme. Watch his video here or read the transcript below.

“Just like any scam, vouchers may sound good, but once you dig into the details, you realize they’re ripping you off.

A voucher is any program that takes our hard-earned tax dollars out of our underfunded public schools and gives them to unaccountable private schools. It’s not a popular idea. and that’s why voucher proponents have had to come up with a bunch of new slogans to sell their scam. Let’s walk through each one.

First, vouchers are not school choice. In fact, it’s the school’s choice, because private schools can deny admission to any kid for any reason they want. They can deny admission because of academics, because of behavior, because your parents don’t make enough money, or because you’re not the right cultural fit.

Second, vouchers are not educational freedom. Private schools don’t have to provide special education services. They don’t have to provide transportation. And the voucher does not even cover the full cost of tuition at most private schools, which is why in Arizona, 85% of their voucher program went to subsidize wealthy kids who are already in private school to begin with. And that’s not even acknowledging the fact that 151 counties in Texas don’t even have a private school.

Last, but certainly not least, vouchers are not parental rights. In fact, parents give up rights when they go to a private school. Unlike public school boards, there is no accountability, no transparency, and no democracy.

I say all this because they can put as much lipstick on this pig as they want, but at the end of the day, it’s still a pig.”


James Talarico (@jamestalarico) Official | TikTok

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