“It is imperative that you register for EdChoice for each of your students”—Principal of Holy Family parochial school.

Reports on the ground indicate that private schools are pressuring families to sign-up for the EdChoice voucher scheme. Attached is a letter to parents from a private school principal. The tone of the letter is: Sign-up now!

The EdChoice voucher scheme seems to be changing the way private voucher schools are doing business. The Q and A sheet attached to the Holy Family School letter indicates that the school is no longer providing parishioner and multi-child discounts. It appears that the universal voucher program is subsidizing the school and thus the church budget. Time was when there was a wall of separation between church and state.

The Ohio Constitution prohibits “religious or other sect, or sects” to control “any part of the school funds of this state.” What are state officials thinking when they divert tax funds to religious institutions? Church and state collusion has always harmed both church and state.

From: XXXXXXXX@youngstowndiocese.org>

Date: 8/3/23 1:39 PM (GMT-05:00)


Subject: EdChoice Scholarship Information

Dear Parents,

I hope you are enjoying what’s left of summer as we are busy getting ready for the new school year to begin. As you are aware, ALL students attending Holy Family School will be eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship. We are requesting that all families register their child/ren for this scholarship as soon as possible.

It is imperative that you register for EdChoice for each of your students. We are waiting to send invoices until your EdChoice Scholarship has been awarded.

We are encouraging all families to do this by August 10, 2023, as the State will be inundated with EdChoice requests. We anticipate the processing time for these scholarships could take several weeks. If you wait to complete your application, you will be responsible for the tuition payment each month until your EdChoice Scholarship has been awarded. The scholarship is prorated every month until it has been awarded by the State.

Once we receive notification that you have been accepted, we will send out your notification of your remaining balance along with a new contract agreement.

I am attaching several documents for you to review and/or complete. Please return your completed application to XXXXX in the school office or email them to XXXX @youngstowndiocese.org by August 10.

We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



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