Myths vs realities regarding the universal voucher scheme

MYTH: Vouchers are for poor children that need to be rescued from low-performing school districts.

REALITY: This myth emanated from the disingenuous rhetoric that vouchers are the liberators of children whose residence is in a low-performing school district.

Eligibility for Ohio’s universal voucher system has now been disconnected from level of income and school district performance. Additionally, voucher students do not perform as well as their peers in the school district of residence.


MYTH: Vouchers give choice to parents and students.

REALITY: Private schools choose the students that fit their model. Poor kids, even with a voucher, cannot afford the tuition in most cases.

MYTH: There is enough state money for vouchers and the common school system.

REALITY: The way state officials craft the state budget, the Cupp/Patterson Fair School Funding Plan has not been fully implemented for lack of state funds according to officials who rule the state. Even if money would be available, it is inefficient, illegal and irresponsible for the state to fund multiple systems of schools.

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