Hannah News: Interest runs high as state prepares for universal EdChoice vouchers.
A recent Hannah News article quotes an Ohio Department of Education official who indicates that interest in EdChoice vouchers has escalated. That should not be surprising. Parents that are currently paying full tuition at private schools would naturally want to know how to access $8400 of state revenue for a high school voucher.
The availability of public funds that can be used in a largely unaccountable and non-transparent environment sparks interest.
Over 80% of the chartered private schools participate in the EdChoice voucher scheme. Those private school officials not currently participating would inherently be inquisitive about the details of the availability of hundreds of millions of state funds for vouchers.
There are reports of recently-organized private schools popping-up in rural areas. Ohioans can expect a proliferation of all kinds of private schools sparked by the universal voucher scheme.
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