Really? A voucher advocate said he didn’t want voucher money being used to support public schools.
The voucher lobby (voucher supporters and their legislator lackeys) have been successful in completely confusing folks regarding state responsibility for public education. Some folks pay little or no attention to state education policy issues and state responsibility for education; hence, they are susceptible to the propaganda of the privatization lobby.
State responsibility for the public common school is clearly specified in the Constitution, particularly in Article VI, sections 2 and 3:
2 The General Assembly shall make such provisions, by taxation, or otherwise, as, with the income arising from the school trust fund, will secure a thorough and efficient system of common schools throughout the State; but, no religious or other sect, or sects, shall ever have any exclusive right to, or control of, any part of the school funds of this State.
3 Provision shall be made by law for the organization, administration and control of the public school system of the state supported by public funds: provided, that each school district embraced wholly or in part within any city shall have the power by referendum vote to determine for itself the number of members and the organization of the district board of education, and provision shall be made by law for the exercise of this power by such school districts.
The privatizers ignore the Constitution. They craft and incessantly repeat talking points that appeal to personal gain but have no regard for the state’s constitutional responsibility for education or the public good. Choice and rights are revered in their zealous campaign for private school vouchers.
The EdChoice voucher scheme is being challenged in court.
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