Ohio’s self-anointed autocrat is out of touch with Ohioans.
Those familiar with the political scene in Ohio know the name and position of the autocrat. He and the state officials he controls:
  • Forced the continuation of the manipulation of House and Senate district boundaries, contrary to the Ohio Constitution and Ohio Supreme Court rulings.
  • Demanded that the State Board of Education functions be transferred to the governor’s office, contrary to the 1953 constitutional amendment that transferred Ohio’s education agency from the governor’s office to the State Board of Education which was established by the amendment.
  • Engineered a universal voucher system, contrary to the convictions of a majority of Ohioans. (If in doubt, subject the question to Ohioans on a statewide ballot or district by district vote.)
  • Orchestrated the elimination of August elections to abolish the levy options for school districts and other political subdivisions, and then, weeks later, reinstated the August election.
  • Is using the political power of his office to fight the EdChoice voucher lawsuit outside the court room.
Will Ohioans allow this out-of-control autocrat to continue to wield the scepter against the folks?
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