Senate President pulling out all the stops to avoid being deposed in the EdChoice voucher case.
The Senate President seems disturbed and even worried about the EdChoice voucher litigation. During the state budget process, he told the media that the suit was filed merely as an attempt to influence the state budget. Later, he was issued a subpoena issued by the Plaintiffs to sit for a deposition. He filed a motion to quash the subpoena, which was expected and somewhat appropriate. However, he initiated some tactics outside court venues which were substantially inappropriate. One such tactic was to collude with the Auditor of State to “survey” all school districts in Ohio.
Subsequent to passage of the state budget, the Senate President told the media the voucher suit is moot due to the new school funding provisions in the budget. (The most significant school funding provision in the state budget is the universal voucher scheme.)
Plaintiffs contend that the new state budget amplify the constitutional concerns. Read the entire motion.
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