Multiple tax-supported education entities makes K-12 education grossly financially-inefficient and diminishes quality.
State funds are available to charter schools, private schools, homeschooling environments, and tutoring venues.
The Senate President, on the heels of universal vouchers, wants to use tax funds to build private school buildings. That means that he will work toward either state general revenue facility grants to privates or make privates eligible for participation in the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission K-12 or both. (Privately-operated charter schools now receive per-pupil facilities grants from the Ohio General Revenue Fund.) Will the Senate President want to legislate funding for the private homes of homeschooling parents?
The Ohio Constitution requires the state to maintain and fund a system of common schools. Period.
It is grossly inefficient to fund multiple education entities.
Suppose state government funded the state highway system by transferring one part of the Ohio Department of Transportation budget to an independent private company, another part to a privately-operated public group, and still another part to private individuals. Further suppose these private and privately-operated groups were largely unregulated and operated independent from the Ohio Department of Transportation. The average person would say this is an unhinged approach. So is the state’s funding scheme plan for K-12 education!
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