If the Senate President had a need for information/data about school district expenditures for the EdChoice voucher litigation, the Legislative Service Commission, NOT the Auditor of Sate should have been requested to seek the information/data.
“The Legislative Service Commission (LSC) is a nonpartisan agency providing the Ohio General Assembly with drafting, research, budget and fiscal analysis, training, and other services. LSC was created in 1953, primarily to conduct studies of legislative issues during the interim periods between legislative sessions.”
“Nonpartisan staff services are provided to all members. Most are provided by the Legislative Service Commission (LSC), a central service agency serving both the House of Representatives and the Senate. As explained in previous chapters, LSC staff perform most legal and fiscal research, bill drafting, amendment drafting, and committee staffing tasks for the General Assembly..”
The Senate President used the Auditor of State to “survey” the districts as a tactic to intimidate school personnel. The office of the Auditor of State was weaponized to interfere with a matter which is before the common pleas court. This is a reprehensible, illegal act which will have consequences.
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