Teach for America (TFA) still receiving $4 million in state budget appropriations in spite of dwindling numbers of “teachers”, huge assets and their rebranding efforts.
TFA is a darling of the corporate world that supports so-called education reform efforts. Teach for America, in 2019, had $460,149,310 in total assets. TFA is a non-profit organization established in 1989 to recruit and place college graduates in teaching programs. TFA “teachers” receive five weeks of teacher training. TFA teachers make a commitment to teach two years. Typically these “teachers” move on to other professions after two years, having no commitment to teaching as a career.
On page 8739 of the Senate version of the state budget, the TFA appropriation language reads, “Of the foregoing appropriation item 200448, Educator Preparation, $2,000,000 in each fiscal year shall be distributed to Teach for America to increase recruitment of potential corps members, to train and develop first-year and second-year teachers in the Teach for America program in Ohio, and to support the ongoing development and impact of Teach for America alumni working in Ohio.”
Is there any accountability for how the $4 million will be used? Who is in charge of this project? How many “teachers” will be recruited for Ohio classrooms? Who will audit the use of the $4 million? Does any of this taxpayer money go back to the parent organization that has assets of $460 million?
TFA “teachers” in Ohio are licensed pursuant to Section 3319.227, ORC.
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