Auditor of State weaponizes the office to harass and intimidate school treasurers regarding the EdChoice voucher lawsuit.
The President of the Ohio Senate and the Auditor of State teamed-up to harass and intimidate school treasurers. First, the State Auditor sent a “survey” to all Ohio school treasurers to request information on payments made to the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding/Vouchers Hurt Ohio. (The data is available at the Coalition treasurer’s office on spreadsheets.) A second more threatening request was made to treasurers who did not respond to the first request in a timely manner. Now the Auditor has served subpoenas on 17 districts that dared not to respond to the Auditor’s illegal survey.
When the House and Senate of the legislature and all five statewide offices are controlled by one party, weaponization of government against the folks can happen. In this state, the ruling party does not want the EdChoice voucher litigation to proceed through the judiciary; thus, they will do anything, including illegal “surveys”, to stop it outside the courtroom.
It is well-established that school districts can sue and receive redress from the state. The politicians know this and fear the Court will rule the EdChoice voucher scheme unconstitutional; hence they are attempting to frighten district leaders to sever ties with the EdChoice voucher litigation.
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