The Ohio Constitution is becoming a dead letter to recent Ohio governors and legislatures.
Political leaders in Ohio are becoming like China’s political leaders regarding the Constitution. China’s Constitution is a dead letter. The rights inherent in the Constitution are ignored or denied by the ruling party.  China’s 2018 Constitution provides:
  • The state shall respect and protect human rights (Article 33)
  • Citizens of the People’s Republic of China shall enjoy freedom of speech, the press, assembly, association, procession and demonstration (Article 35)
  • Citizens of the Peoples Republic of China shall have the right to criticize and make suggestions regarding any state organization or state employee (Article 41)
Notwithstanding those provisions, citizens of China have none of these rights because rulers ignore and negate, by law, their Constitution.
State officials in Ohio have negated the constitutional provisions for a thorough and efficient system of common schools for more than 100 years and a Supreme Court order issued more than 26 years ago. State officials have trampled underfoot constitutional provisions for re-districting. They have spent tens of billions of public funds for private school operations to the detriment of the constitutionally-required common school system. They are in the process of nullifying Article VI, section 4 of the Ohio Constitution by transferring the core functions of the State Board of Education to the Governor’s office. To add insult to injury to the Constitution, they are in the process of diverting a huge portion of public funds from the common school system to private individuals via universal vouchers.
State officials seem oblivious to Article I, section 2 of the Ohio Constitution which decrees that “all political power is inherent in the people.”
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