Ohio Senate moving toward a universal vouchers scheme with a means testing provision.
Means testing: process of assessing the financial eligibility of individuals applying to receive public funds.
This foot-in-the-door “means testing” carrot for the universal vouchers scheme will initially soften the financial blow to the state and thus be appealing to lawmakers that are not enthusiastic about a universal vouchers scheme. It will also throw a bone to voucher opponents. “Means testing”, however, is not good news for voucher opponents.
A “means testing” universal vouchers scheme will last for one budget cycle or less. The history of voucher expansion is that proponents start small and increase somewhat gradually. The vouchers scheme started with an innocuous project in Cleveland. The scheme has escalated dramatically since Cleveland. Once the “means testing” carrot is in place, the higher income voucher recipients will demand the eligibility income cap be lifted.
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