The school privatizers are taking state funds from public school districts—now they want local tax dollars.
The Columbus Dispatch article (for subscribers online), “Universal School Vouchers: Can Ohio Afford the Cost Without Using Local Property Taxes?” refers to comments made by school privatizers who say that local tax dollars might be necessary for the long-term fiscal health of the state if lawmakers are serious about universal vouchers. One such privatizer—Senator Andrew Brenner, chair of the Senate Education Committee—is quoted, “Will this be a discussion going forward? Yes. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.” This “discussion” may be a trial balloon, but in this era, there is a huge ilk of pro-voucher politicians that couldn’t care less about the will of the people.
The privatizers are voucher zealots. They will leave no stone unturned to promote their anti-public school cause. Public school leaders, personnel and advocates need to prepare for the battle to keep local dollars from flowing to the voucher industry. The Columbus Dispatch article indicates that Ohio is approaching $10,000 per private school student when vouchers and direct payments to private schools (administrative cost reimbursement, auxiliary services and vouchers) are combined.
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