A universal voucher system will devastate the reputable private schools as well as the constitutionally-required public common school system.
The eligibility to collect a wad of public tax money for some kind of schooling will be appealing to both the folks who have a penchant toward private education and those who are enticed by the thought of receiving a pot of tax money.
The availability of free money to parents of school-age children will entice ideologues and money-grubbers to start “schools” for all the wrong reasons.
Education enterprises will pop-up that are established for the sole purpose of turning a profit or promoting political and/or ideological views.
Eventually the problems that will most certainly materialize will precipitate a rash of regulations that will cause the reputable private schools to either lose their distinctiveness or reject voucher students. In this kind of disorder and upheaval the public common school system suffers greatly. Everyone will lose, especially the students.
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