Who will benefit most from a universal voucher system? Not low income people. Not public school students.
The big winners in the universal voucher game will be high income folks, particularly those who are already paying tuition to private schools. Those who can afford partial, but not full tuition to a private school may also be winners at private schools. In this game, most low income folks will not make the cut. This is no problem, however, for them because the public common school system is the better choice. The primary losers in this game are the public school students. School districts will receive less funding.
The voucher campaign was launched with the passionate rhetoric that poor children deserve the same right to attend a private school as wealthy children. The current voucher oratory is “every child has the right to a voucher”. The “poor children” rhetoric was used to get a foot in the door, but now the poor are not mentioned in voucher advocacy circles.
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