In the world of universal vouchers, who pays for education and who controls the funds?
The battle cry of universal voucherists is that students should be funded directly by the state to shop for education. They contend that parents/students are entitled to tax funds for private choice of education.
Historically, tax funds have been used to fund the system of public education to which all students are constitutionally entitled. Taxes have been collected and distributed to the system to effectuate the public common good. Obviously, students are afforded a benefit via the common school system but the common good is foundational. The funds for the common school system are appropriated, distributed, spent and accounted for according to law.
Everyone pays taxes for K-12 education; those who have children in school and those who don’t. When funds are distributed directly to parents/students, those who have no children in school have no voice in the use of the school revenue. Parents of children in control of everyone’s tax funds just doesn’t compute.
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